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With two gastrointestinal conditions (Celiac and Crohn’s) I am forced to follow the healthiest, most natural diets. My life depends on it!

Over the years I have explored diverse diets and eating habits all over the world, discovering that the right quantities and combinations of the highest quality foods is the key to proper weight management, healthy skin, nails, and hair, and an overall sense of well-being.

Food energizes us. What we eat (and what we don’t eat) makes us feel happy and also keeps us healthy! Without the right fuel, even a Ferrari would suffer consequences. Would you put less than the best fuel into your $500,000 Ferrari? Then why put less than the best into your body?

Together we will create your personalized plan. The right food will keep your health, and improve your happiness, and energy. As a certified nutrition consultant, I will also teach you the principles behind the practice so that you will understand Firefly Chi’s philosophy from the ground up.

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