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Let Firefly Chi help you rejuvenate physically, emotionally, and spiritually with a REIKI TREATMENT.

“Reiki has a passive noninvasive approach.

The presence of reiki hands reminds the body of its capacity of self-heal.

Reiki is an invitation to the system to re-find its balance. The body responds from deep within itself with a self-healing response, which shows up first as a change in the breath and a down-regulation of the nervous system a shift from sympathetic fight-or-flight to parasympathetic  rest/digest dominance. From there, the individual’s system affects the change that is appropriate at the moment.

Reiki is an “invitation” to self healing, it evokes a profound self healing response from deep within the person system.”

-Pamela Miles (Reiki Master and Educator)-

Francesca is certified at both levels 1 and 2 as a Jikiden Reiki practitioner. She offers a natural healing process that restores physical and emotional well-being.


Reiki is a gentle, relaxing treatment that can be enjoyed daily, depending on your needs.

Sessions last from one to two hours.

These are some words used by clients to describe the feeling at the end of a reiki session: “relaxed, calm, centered, loved”.

All these feelings open the doors to the self-healing.

When we are stressed our system deals with the stress and the self-healing mechanism doesn’t work. With these feelings, we make better decisions and better choices and we influence people around us building a world in which peace is possible.

You can book your first Jikiden Reiki session as the perfect complement to your Firefly Chi Full Wellness Program or as a single experience.


To learn more about Jikiden Reiki, visit the Jikiden Reiki Institute-Kyoto Japan website at

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